About OneFam

OneFam is a West Oakland artist & activist collective/ membership organization serving in Oakland utilizing talent & culture inspiring leaders. Building on a self-sustainable model operating business that fund community programs is the OneFam social enterprise.


A diverse mix of styles, flavors, even language is shared. Angelic vocalist, crafty word smith emcees, freestyle improv actors and Bay Area’s own dance culture “Poppin” which have influenced 80% of the choreography in today’s music videos. The evolution of “Turf-Dancing” was born. From the backslide (moonwalk) to the Skywalker glide…

OneFam membership has an assortment of artist all accessible sharing their crafts, collaborating, having studio sessions, rehearsals, and just building together as culture workers or on business as professional entertainers. WE Fam.. Fam First..


Community organizers empowering the neighborhood to work collectively solving and providing for ourselves. Economically, and politically. We aim at becoming stronger more united so much so inspiring individuals or companies to seek our organization endorsement before making any business moves or development plans in the community.

We encourage and appreciate good business. But we demand & deserve inclusion. So we must organize to create our opportunities and to create win-wins for any new alliances or partnerships.. All Pwr 2 Tha People!


Bikes 4 Life Bicycle Shop • 7th Street Cafe • OneFam Venue Space Rental

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